Consultancy Services

Comprised of a team of highly qualified and certified consultants, ASAP provides its customers with knowledge and skills so they understand the value of their current investments, the risk they are exposed to, their current strengths and weaknesses and the services needed to align their current efforts with the overall business strategies and objectives. With the help of experience gained over the years, proven best practices and frameworks developed, ASAP helps organizations reduce risk in implementations and operations with the ultimate goal of aligning this with business needs, improve efficiency of the company's IT resources, optimize the operational process, leverage existing investments and technologies, and reduce operational costs.

Using proven best practices, ASAP helps customers replay success stories across the globe within its own environment. ASAP provides the business and process consulting required for implementing new and complex architectures like Data Loss Prevention and Identify and Access Management along with the technical skills to implement such solutions across heterogeneous environments.

Using PMI proven methodology for Project Management across its projects, ASAP ensures the controlled execution of its projects and also guarantees optimized results.

ASAP consultancy services are focused around four key areas:

Understanding your current environment, the values, the risks and the deviation from your business goals and objectives is recommended to be the first set of any activity. ASAP offers a full range of assessment services which would help enterprises determine areas of improvement in technology, people and process domains. Our services help to qualify and quantify long term and short term objectives and also identify gaps in compliance requirements. Partial list of the assessment services offered are:

  • Operational Capability Assessments (OCA)
  • Infrastructure Security Assessments
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Audit and Compliance Checks
  • PCI Compliance

With Certified Project Managers, ASAP helps organizations control and execute their projects in an efficient and professional manner, contributing to the quality of the deliverables and the timely execution of tasks. ASAP provides the opportunities to its customers to leverage the existing ASAP PM team in helping to execute and control internal projects. Our highly professional team can assist in developing the required processes and procedures to implement and internal PMO and also assist in the implementation and training of tools that can be used for enterprise Project Management. Key focus areas are:

  • Enterprise Projects/ Program Management
  • Project Management tools enablement

ASAP works closely with the channel and customers to provide end to end solutions across a diversity of products including new, specialized and emerging technologies to their customers. Harnessing the existing relationships, ASAP consultants work with the different vendor in providing the technical skills required to introduce and service new and emerging technologies into the market. New technologies are launched and it is an ASAP initiative to ensure that our team is the first to introduce the skills into the market. Some of the solution domains currently covered are:

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Web SSO
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Security Information/Event Management
  • Network Access Control
  • Other New and Emerging Technologies

ASAP helps enterprises by providing assistance in developing the required strategy, policies, procedures, standards, guidelines and training required in order to implement internationally recognized operational or compliance frameworks. With the help of experience gained over the years, our consultants help customers replay global success stories within their own environments. Certified professionals with business process and consulting skills provide the advisory services required to implement the best practice within the organization. Some of the key frameworks where ASAP currently focuses are:

  • ITIL
  • ISO 27001
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Project Management tools enablement
  • Security Awareness